“Please note that this fee scale is for guidance only. There may be some variation depending on individual circumstances and therefore each course of treatment will be quoted accordingly.”
How fees are calculated
All treatment fees are calculated on a time basis plus laboratory expenses where applicable. The cost for each course of treatment, therefore, is estimated by the amount of surgery time required to complete the work. This may include treatment to a number of individual teeth, which can prove less costly than if a fee is charged for each separate item.

Where treatment involving laboratory work is being undertaken simultaneously to a number of teeth it may be possible to offer a reduction on the cost normally charged per individual item.
Our Guarantee
If treatment has to be repeated to the same tooth within 12 months due to failure of a material we normally do not charge if it is an exact substitute that is required.

If a more extensive or alternative treatment is deemed necessary the amount previously paid will be credited towards the cost of the second treatment.

“Further information available from our reception”

This practice is an accredited member of the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme
This practice is an accredited member of the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme


For intensive scaling and polishing and preventative advice.

Dentures including precision attachments by individual quotation.

Endodontic Treatment
The fee for endodontic treatment is immensely variable depending on type of tooth, the number of roots and the complexity of the root canal system and the presence or absence of infection. This will affect the number of appointments and the overall amount of time required and thereby the final cost.

Typical cost for an ‘average’ case including all necessary X-rays.
Please note that following endodontic treatment the tooth may require further treatment with a filling or a crown which may be quoted separately.
Orthodontic Treatment

Each case is different and has to be quoted according to the duration of treatment.

Implant Treatment
Surgical Treatment

Periodontal Surgery by individual quotation.

Emergency Treatment Out of Hours
Denplan Rates
Includes all examinations, radiographs, hygienist care and treatment fees (excludes laboratory costs).

Includes all examinations, radiographs and hygienist care.
A Call Out fee of £20.00 may be applicable for Out of Hours emergencies.
Accident and worldwide cover are also included.
Further information available at reception.